Super Bowl 50’s Best Car Commericals

Some people watch the Super Bowl because they like football. Some people watch the Super Bowl because it’s a good excuse to eat Buffalo dip, wings and guacamole. And some people watch the Super Bowl because they want to see…the commercials?

The annual debut of the latest and greatest from the best-of-the-best in the advertising world has taken on a life of its own, complete with its own pre-game build up and post-game play-by-play of the winners and losers from the big game. Which is ironic, considering on any other day the goal of the average consumer is NOT to watch the commercials.

In honor of Super Bowl Commercials 50, here are the best of this year’s ads from the automotive industry.

Jeep: “Portraits”


What’s Great About It

It’s a great tribute to Jeep’s anniversary, and a reminder to Jeep lovers worldwide of why they love Jeeps so much. Because they’re tough and rugged, like the craggy voice of the narrator and the grizzled subjects of the black and white portraits. Because they’ve got history and have been to the beaches of Normandy. And because they’re as classic and powerfully simple as black and white photography. Like a good pair of Converse All-Stars, the Wrangler doesn’t seem to age, never goes out of style, and is as cool as it was 75 years ago.


Toyota: “The Longest Chase”


What’s Great About It

The Prius has a reputation for being the choice vehicle of tree-hugging fuddy-duddies everywhere, and the commercial attempts to convince non-tree-hugging fuddy-duddies that it’s not ONLY for tree-hugging fuddy-duddies. It playfully mocks itself (“How hard could it be to catch a Prius? Over.”) while providing consumers with a new image of the car – that it’s actually a little bit fast,  kind of cool and maybe even a tad sexy. Yet it doesn’t forget to remind viewers of the two best reasons to buy a Prius: the gas tank stays full and they’re exceptionally quiet.


Hyundai: “The Chase”


What’s Great About It

It’s quick and simple, which is always a good thing in the advertising world, and it very succinctly tells you what it wants you to know: you can now talk to your car. While you’re unlikely to be chased down by bears in the near future, it’s a cool new feature and a great platform to debut it. The bears provide a great tag at the end to keep it funny, and the production values are great.


Kia: “Walken Closet”


What’s Great About It

Get it? “Walken Closet”? Like walk-in, but Walken…okay, you get it. But seriously, it’s hard to go wrong with Christopher Walken, who is always funny in the right situation. And this is the right situation. Walken is cool and in control, and you can be too – if you leave your beige socks behind and opt for something sleek and snazzy like a Kia Optima. Because a Kia Optima is sleek and snazzy. Right?


Honda: “A New Truck To Love”


What’s Great About It

Sheep singing a Queen song? Hard to miss with that. The new Honda Ridgeline is Honda’s second crack at the truck market, and they’ve come out swinging. While the truck-bed audio system they show off in the commercial may not be the most important feature to many truck owners, it tells you something about Honda: they’re innovators. They’ve got a new kind of truck with features that you literally can’t get anywhere else. They’re appealing perfectly to their core demographic – consumers who aren’t locked in to the old-school, traditional American truck market.


Hyundai: “First Date”


What’s Great About It

Of course Kevin Hart is funny. Kevin Hart is always funny, and he was a perfect choice for this ad. But what makes it even better is that the cleverness isn’t wasted on Kevin Hart being funny, it actually shows off a new feature of the Hyundai Genesis – Car Finder. So not only is it funny, relatable and engaging – it’s also informative. The only downside is that while the Car Finder feature is properly highlighted, the Hyundai name is likely playing second fiddle to the star power of Kevin Hart.


So now that you’ve seen all of this year’s best commercials, feel free to return to fast-forwarding right through them!

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