A Brief History of Hershey Motors

Big Bright Bounce House
Big Bright Bounce House

This Saturday, June 20th, Hershey Motors will be celebrating its 45th anniversary! To honor those 45 years and in appreciation of all of our wonderful customers, we’ll be hosting a car show, filling our lot with some of the most u45th Anniversary Posternique, exciting and stylized cars in the area and providing plenty of eye candy for all of you car enthusiasts out there. For the kids, there will be a bounce house obstacle course from Big Bright Bounces that will be a ton of fun, and for everyone there will be free food and some great giveaways!

But as with any anniversary celebration, it’s a good time to take a look back to where it all began. The land beneath modern-day Hershey Motors began as a piece of a farm that was purchased by the Hershey family all the way back in the 1930’s. The spot where the showroom currently sits was originally host to a small produce stand where they sold sweet corn and other fruits and vegetables back in the early 60’s, a building which later became the original “Hershey Motors”. Some of the original beams from that fruit stand still exist as part of the current building – be sure to take some time to notice that piece of history the next time you’re in our showroom!

Parkesburg - color - pre-1976 cropped
Parkesburg – The Early Years
Morgantown - black and white

HershParkesburg - aerial - colorey Motors was formed by Noah and Parmalle Hershey all the way back in 1970. Noah caught the car “bug” selling “Bugs” for a Volkswagen dealership, and decided to lease the land at the corner of 10 & 30 from his parents, Noah and Alta, to begin the used car dealership. Remember the intersection back then? No red lights, no Wal-Mart, no Wawa, no McDonald’s…just a couple of stop signs and Hershey Motors!

The business began strong, building a reputation on a commitment to providing quality service through its full-service garage and selling solid, reliable cars at a fair price. In the early 70’s, a second location was added in Morgantown, PA, and in 1976 they turned the tiny fruit stand into the Hershey Motors we all recognize today. The building looks remarkably similar today as it did back then!

Parkesburg - front then and now

Though Noah and Parmalle have handed over some of the responsibilities of the day-to-day operations at Hershey Motors, they are still very much a part of the Hershey Motors family, which includes their children, Evan and Jessica, their nephew Henry, and Noah’s sister Sarah. They are joined by a team of quality employees, many of whom have been here for 10 years or more!

To all of our eParkesburg Showroommployees, past and present, and to all of our customers, we thank you! Please come out and celebrate with us as we all look forward to the next 45 years!

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